Our production is focused on leather accessories in the style of ROCK, PUNK, METAL, GOTHIC. We mainly produce our products from hides of the highest quality from domestic and foreign suppliers.

If the customer does not choose from our offer, we are able to make the goods to order according to the submitted proposals. Contact us, we will give you more information about the possibilities of our production.

We offer production:

  • leather accessories in the style of rock, punk, metal

  • custom leather accessories with your logo

  • belts, bags, pullers, wallets, etc..

  • kožených doplňků do erotického odvětví

  • metal accessories and decorations

  • metal ornaments and spikes

We already supply our goods to major customers in the Czech Republic and abroad and you will find them in the offer of metal e-shops and stone shops. Our goods are intended for traders, music bands, clubs, festivals, bikers, interest groups and everyone who likes our work.